Saturday, October 17, 2009

Potty Training Update

So a few months ago I posted that Emma decided to Potty Train. Well that first attempt didn't go so well after a week. I was still working which caused a big problem for the logistics of a babysitter at the time. Not that she wasn't capable of helping Emma, it was just I felt bad for the girl!

I was also a nervous wreck about the whole process. I was too nervous to just put her in big girl underwear and ended up using the Pull-Ups. Those just made the whole process worse. Now don't get me wrong. They're good for some people and that's great! But for Emma it just resembled a diaper that she could pull up.

So I gave up.

Until this last Monday (Oct 12).

We've had her potty chair out in a visible corner of the living room for about a month now, as kind of a subconcious reminder for her. 

Then we ran out of diapers. I figured that it was now or never. So I plunged right in.

And ... SUCESS! She's been in big girl underwear for 6 days with only 4 minor accidents.

It's so funny to hear her. If she goes she says "Mama, I did it! I did!"

She's even gone #2 twice in the potty and has initiated going to sit on the potty two or three times all on he own! (i've reminded her about every 15 - 30 minutes to go and sometimes I have to make her stay there for several minutes).

And part of this potty training is making her take the potty chair bucket, dump it out in the big toilet and wash it and her hands.

We were even able to go out and not have any accidents! Next step is making sure that the bathroom is not a playroom!  Good luck with that right?

This kid is SO smart and I'm SO proud of her!


  1. It's so nice to be done with diapers! Good job Emma and Mom!

  2. Yay Emma! She is so smart isn't she? She's going to be a good helper when baby comes!