Thursday, June 25, 2009

Emma Milestone

For those of you who have not heard...

Emma has started POTTY TRAINING!!!! YAY!

I was sure she was going to go to kindergarten in diapers.

Wednesday (June 24) right after lunch as I was changing yet another diaper, Emma said to me, "I potty train." I was unsure at first that she actually had said that without coaching.

(Every time I would change her diaper, I would tell her that she was a big girl, and big girls don't wear diapers, they sit on the potty and wear panties.)

I asked her what she had just said and she said it again, "I wear pannies...I potty train."

I about did a jig right then! But seeing as she was about to go down for a nap, I put her in a diaper and said that right after her nap, we would start.

True to my word, right after her nap, I ushered her in to my bathroom and placed her on "the throne."

I was brushing my hair and after a few minutes I heard a sound that I thought I'd never hear ... the tinkling of ... well you know!

I was so proud of her ... I kept saying how proud I was of her and how she was such a big girl! And her response to all of that was, "Thanks...I know!"

I put her in a pair of big girl underwear, and every ten minutes or so would ask her if she needed to go. We had a little accident, but it was just a little wet. Later that afternoon, I went shopping with a friend and had to take Emma with me, but we put her in a Pull-Up and she stayed dry the whole two hours we were gone from home! (Once again...could have done the jig!)

We're still working on the timing, but we've at least made the first step. The next step is to by more underwear for her! I'll probably let her pick them out this time.
The princess in all her glory!


  1. That girl is just so cute...even when sitting on the toilet! :) Yay for potty training!

  2. She looks so thrilled! She's adorable. I have the cutest niece ever. Good for her.

    These pictures will haunt her later, you know that right?

  3. YAY! I got your text when I was at work and started bragging to all my co-workers. She's so CUTE! Good job, mom!

  4. YAY! Congrats! I love this stage--it's so close now. Good luck! On and she's adorable! jenni

  5. oh my goodness she is soo big!

    She is so Cute, I'm sure Grandma is trying to find a way to print these and post them all over the fridge :)

    Can't wait to see Her!

  6. She is going to hate that toilet picture someday! Hahahaha! Congrats, and good job Momma C!