Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I know, I know...

I'm not very religious about updating this, but I'm at least trying!

I'm in the process of trying to sell some little pieces of furniture that are just taking up space in our house, organize and get shelves and other organizational items built and/or purchased so I can have some semblance of order in a few of the rooms in our house that are just randomly thrown together. Our entertainment room and a front bedroom are the main focus this year.

I have yet to make it to Sam's Club and buy a home storage magazine that has been recommended to me, but I plan to get that soon!

Our entertainment room is a room that used to be a garage, so it's a fairly nice-sized room, but like I said...its just kind of thrown together. And I have a baby grand piano that has become more of a dumping ground for things that need to be put back in the attic. I have a lot of sweing itmes and a desk that need to be put together somehow, along with all of Matt's tools and home improvement items that will hopefully get put together in a tool armoire of some kind. We also have lots of Emma's toys scattered around everywhere, which takes me to the front bedroom. We're going to try and make it a play room. The room is almost twice as big as Emma's room now and it would allow for some bigger toy items, like a play kitchen. She's recently started pretending that she's making pizza in "her kitchen." The playroom idea would also allow for naptime and bedtime to be distraction free from toys!

We'll see. Maybe I need to start with a list of things to do per day per room and start small. I just hope I don't get frustrated and give up before I start, because I'm not seeing the drastic changes that could be seen if I had some TV show at my house...!

Wish me luck!


  1. Maybe you should get yourself on one of those TV shows...Hmmmm....
    That's too cute about Emma and her pizza. I wish I could come make pizza with her. Or maybe she should come make pizza with me? :) Glad to see you are still alive...good luck organizing!

  2. you daughter is sooo cute! I LOVE HER!!! And I love that she has red hair! Muhahah! It's the best, isn't it? heheheh! And good luck with all your ideas! It's gonna look fabulous when you're done! --jenni

  3. i LOVE ORGANIZING! whoa caps... Anyway, I wish I could come out an help you! That would be fun. If I could afford it I totally would. I want to see you guys this year though... hopefulyl something will work out! Don't frustrated. It will be well worth the trouble once its all done. (PS, jealous about the baby grand!)