Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Organization Update

Well, guess what? No update to give other than the fact that I can't do a whole lot of anything right now.

I broke my wrist about two weeks ago (January 29) when I slipped and fell on a patch of deceivingly safe looking sidewalk...covered in ice! All the while, my brain was screaming NO! Don't step there you'll ... fall. And as I am thinking "fall," I'm on my tooshie on the ground, with my wrist underneath me somehow.

When it first happened, I thought I'd be okay, I'd shake it off and all would be well. Kind of like when you twist an ankle or something and if you give it a few moments the normal feeling will no doubt return. I was on my way to a doctor's office anyway, and I figured that I'd just have a nurse there look at it, and I'd be fine.

Sadly, this was not the case.

I got in the car, luckily with Emma already buckled in, and headed towards the doc's office. About two minutes into the trip, I realized the pain was sticking around a little too long, so I looked down and I freaked! My wrist was already swollen and I had a large, about a dollar-coin sized, bump right over the radius bone end in the wrist - the syloid process of radius. In other words, the bumpy part of the bone close to the thumb.

I call Matt, put him on speaker and through the pain and tears, I tell him what happened and that I'm on my way to urgent care. I also had him call his brother Mike to see if either he or his wife could come pick Emma up at the urgent care. I also heard Emma asking me "Mama booboo? Kiss it better?" (awwww what a sweetheart!)

After hanging up, I started flipping out again because a fresh wave of pain had taken over. At that point I started getting mad, because the cars in front of me were not going fast enough nor were they paying attention to green lights and stopping instead of going through them! I started yelling at them telling them to move it...GO!

And then I heard a little sniffle come from the back seat. I looked back through the rearview mirror in time to see Emma hang her head and pout. I immediately knew that in my yelling at the vehicles in front of me, she thought I was yelling at her. Poor thing! I told her I wasn't mad at her and that everything would be okay.

Her uncle was able to pick her up at urgent care, I had x-rays taken. And I was told what I already knew. My wrist was broken. They splinted me up, and sent me of with an orthopedic specialist referral, a copy of my x-rays (on a cd-rom!) and a precription for pain medication.

I went to Wal-Mart to fill the pain med prescription, and they gave it to me in a child-proof cap! I'm right-handed; the casted arm is my right arm...think about this a minute. Just imagine what I had to do to get that sucker open! I started out the typical way, trying to push and turn the lid at the same time. Well, with only one good hand that could grip and twist it didn't work out, I tried using my teeth...I even handed the thing to Emma and told her to open it! I seriously considered pulling out the hammer and breaking it open that way. After about 10 minutes of wrestling this thing with my broken splinted wrist I FINALLY got it open and by then I was sweating and REALLY needed the stuff!

The next monday, I was told that I had a couple of hairline fractures in my wrist. The casted me in hot pink and sent me on my way with a doctor's note with a 1 pound weight restriction - I'm not supposed to lift, twist, pull or push anything heavier than one pound - and an appointment for three weeks in the future to be re-x-rayed (if that's a word). Hopefully all will be okay and I won't have to wear a cast for any longer than three weeks, but I'm not holding my breath!


  1. Hey there,how are you feeling? I fell yesterday on the ice and went to the ER where the xrays show 2 fractures. I am in a splint/cast thing now with a follow up Thursday to a hand specialist for a cast. Does it hurt when they put the cast on? When does the swelling and throbbing feeling go away? Feel free to write and vent,Dave. tippytop100@aol.com

  2. Aww.. you poor girl! Hang in there! I'm so sorry it happened to you. Now I'm really scared of ice.. snow love... hmm.. ice no way! LOL!

  3. It was cute that Emma wanted to kiss it better, but I'm sorry that it happened. That's no bueno!