Tuesday, May 25, 2010


There will be an early Christmas present at the Corless house this year....

Baby #2 is on the way! We just passed the 12 week mark and are excited to share the news! It's been a very nerve-wracking first trimester for me. Last year's miscarriage really messed with my head.

Now no one can ask/say "When's the next one going to be here?" or "Aren't you going to have more?" or "You know she needs a sibling!"
What are your suggestions for names?


  1. Hooray! I am so excited for you, for us! Golly, names... hmm... I'll have to think on that.

  2. Congratulations! I found your blog through someone else's blog in the ward.
    That's so exciting! It must feel so nice to be past that first trimester and into the "safe" zone. Hope you're not feeling too sick!

  3. YAY! Names...Hmm...
    1. Carson
    2. Tyson
    3. Ryan
    4. Evan
    5. Eric
    6. Tanner
    7. Taylor

    It's going to be a boy...so I have decided.