Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I must echo my sisters sentiments on being sick...

germs = BAD

antibiotics = SO GOOD!

Strep throat is horrible, the flu is horrible. Being sick in general is horrible.

I noticed a funny thing this morning. The last time we had nasty icy weather, I slipped and fell and broke my wrist. This time around with rain and snow falling, I get strep throat!

I came down with strep throat Friday night or Saturday morning. And while at work, Saturday morning, I got progressively worse. I couldn't stand for more that a minute or two at a time, I couldn't keep warm my vision was fuzzy and I started to get really dizzy by the time I was able to go home. I stayed longer than I probably should have, but my two other coworkers needed to take their lunches...(aren't I nice?) :o)

I somehow drove myself home and passed out on the couch...shivering the whole time. I lightly slept for about an hour and a half and decided I needed to go to urgent care. I painfully got shoes on and two coats on and Matt packed us all in the car for urgent care.

Vitals were taken and fared better than I thought. Although I had a 102.9 fever my blood pressure and blood oxygen were normal.

The nurse also took a throat culture (hate those!) and within minutes I had a positive diagnosis of strep throat, a doctors note for work and a precription for meds.

Over the last few days, I couldn't talk very well, due to an almost closed off throat, but I came to appreciate my husband SO much. (He probably appreciated my forced silence too though!) His weekend and days off turned into a second job having to take care of a two and a half year old and a very sick wife. He pretty much waited on me hand and foot, made sure I was taking my precscibed meds on time as well as keeping me on a rotating schedule of Tylenol and Motrin, all the while dealing with Emma, making sure she was fed and safe.

I am not a fun person when I'm sick. Lots of women like to say that they're husbands/boyfriends are complete babies when they're sick. Well, I am like that when I'm sick. I don't do so well with the continuing on as normal routine when I'm not well. And knowing that I have a husband who still wants to be around me after all that makes me appreciate him so much more.

I must also say that I am VERY grateful to live in a time where I can go to the doctor, find out almost instnatly what the problem is and get the right treatment for it and start feeling better within hours or days depending on the problem.


  1. Glad you are feeling better! That strep is a bad strain this year!! But man, antibiotics sure do there job! Just imagine NOT having anyone to take care of you! Luckily I have some sisters around who did the job! :)

  2. Aw, good ol' Matt. I'm glad you're feeling better too! Strep throat has been going around like CRAZY. Sounds pretty miserable too. I've never had it myself but I've had some pretty awful sore throats and if those weren't as bad as strep, I hope I never get it.

  3. I am knocking on wood the entire time that I'm writing this but I am A-so sorry you got strep and B-so grateful that I have not had it EVER! Although, the whole snowy nastiness is still going on up here in Provo but hopefully not for much longer. Anyway, I'm glad you feel better.