Thursday, March 12, 2009

Are you pregnant yet?

Okay...just as a warning...this is going to be a venting, griping, fuming session.

Continue on if you dare!

So what IS it about people that make them think they can ask me when I'm having another child? Who made it their business to tell me that #1 is getting older and I need to get cracking and give her a sibling? And who in their right mind thinks that it's okay to ask me this and then look (very obviously I might add) at my stomach?

No joke. That really happened to me. Two weeks ago. At work.

Really? Honestly? Are you freaking kidding me right now? I don't know why I'm so suprised, but I am!

People...WAKE UP! It is NOT polite to ask that of ANY WOMAN!

Her husband either for that matter. They may be just fine with only one child.

Or what if they might be having health issues in that particular area (which I am by the way, thank you very much!) and by asking that you're opening up the wounds and throwing it in their face!

I have a friend who has had two miscarriages and people have asked her when she's going to have children because she's "not getting any younger." Same principle applies! Don't ask if you don't know the situation.

It's rude.
It's mean.
It's thoughtless.
It's NOT a small talk topic.
End of Story.

I will make an exception for those who DO know the situation and the trial the couple is going through. And if you do know the situation, ask with kindness and love IF and ONLY IF the topic comes up. DO NOT bring it up!

Until next time...

Hug a family member who might be having this or any trial in their life at the moment!

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  1. People can be pretty dumb sometimes... Sorry Michelle.